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deCOALonize Action Consensus

This action consensus is a binding agreement which was adopted in a collective process at an open plenary session. We invite all those who wish to join this consensus to participate in our actions.

We announce the deCOALonize days of action!

Between 4 and 6 October, groups will disrupt the flow of the hard coal supply chain with direct actions. With these actions, we will make the devastating effects of hard coal visible, from mining to transport to combustion.

Whether open-cast mines, freight trains, ports, ships, power and steel plants, company headquarters or customer centres – groups are organised in a decentralised manner and coordinated internationally in various places in the coal supply chain and take action in many different ways.

In all actions the participants will act calmly and prudently. We do not endanger people. Our actions are not directed against workers, plant security or the police. The safety of the participating activists, workers and all participants has top priority for us. Should we encounter structural obstacles or barriers from the police or plant security during actions, we will not allow these to stop us. We will flow through or around them and will not get involved in any provocations. Our actions are not aimed at damaging infrastructure. Our actions will convey a picture of diversity and creativity.

We come from different social movements and political spectra. Together we take responsibility for the success of our actions. In all our actions we want to respect and support each other.

We act in solidarity with all those who stand up for the preservation of livelihoods and a just coexistence. We are firmly opposed to all attempts to misuse resistance to coal mining for reactionary or nationalist ends. We position ourselves against all forms of discrimination, such as racism, sexism and nationalism.

We invite groups to take part in the deCOALonize days of action in October with a self-organised action within the action consensus. We encourage interested groups to contact us in advance.

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