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deCOALonize Bremen!

Saturday, 5.10., 11 a.m.
at the anti-colonial monument Bremen (B├╝rgerweide, behind the main station)

The history of Bremen is one of colonial exploitation. And while here groups are fighting to work through colonial legacies and continuities, the exploitation and oppression of people and the environment continues. There are three coal-fired power plants in Bremen in which hard coal is burned,including from the local electricity provider SWB. It is 100% imported, mainly from Colombia, Russia, South Africa, Australia and the USA, where it is mostly mined under inhumane conditions and with great environmental destruction. The courageous resistance of the affected, often indigenous, people in the mining regions is attempted to be suppressed by force.


And all this just so that we don’t have to question our imperial way of life and can continue to live beyond our means.

We therefore want to show our solidarity and draw attention to the struggles of the people in the mining regions, but we also want to become active ourselves. Every day that hard coal is burned here in Bremen is one too many. We therefore demand: an immediate stop to the exploitative and climate-damaging combustion of hard coal! Compensation for the people affected! Socialisation of energy infrastructure! A good life for ALL!

Join us and take part in our first demo in Bremen on October 5. from 11:00 from the anti-colonial monument.
Stay up to date, because more actions will follow!

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